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Perlin Noise is awesome for all kind of procedural generated content. But in order to achieve good looking result, you need to apply combine multiples layers of noise.

This package is meant to help achieve better control over theses layers and help you create the terrain that best fit your needs using a range of settings and fusion modes.

Include a viewer that will help you preview the generated noise as height map in editor and a demo scene that will generate a world based on your settings.

Key Features
- Control : generate map fitting your own taste by combining multiples layers of noise. Each layer can define a range of settings like it's fusion mode, alpha, origin, frequency, redistribution, scale, precision, ...
- Deterministic : randomize, save and load your terrain seeds for deterministic results.
- Independent calculation : all noise value calculation on x-y is independent from other positions.
- Serializable : compatible with JSON

What's Included
- Clean C#
- Documentation
- Editor script showing you generated noise as height map.
- Demo Scene to help you getting started


*** 1.2.0

- feat(stack) : stack contains multiples piles, piles contains multiples layers

- feat(repartition) : control noise repartition using curves functions

- feat(cutout) : cutout colors <= x threshold to 0, or >= y threshold to 1

- fix(noise) : frequency and redistribution are handled more simply

- fix(seed) : seed takes only xOrigin and yOrigin in account, other data is in json format

- feat(json) : export / import data from json

*** 1.1.0

- feat(alpha) : layer now support alpha

- fix(revert) : color revert is now applied after precision, allowing to have full white layer.

- update(setup) : layer origin and scale now use vector2

*** 1.0.0

Initial Release


Buy Now$12.75 USD or more

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Package compatible with : 2019.1.2f1 25 kB
Package compatible with : 2018.1.9f2 26 kB

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